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SPI 레이저로 디자인 작업을 수행하는 방법에 대해 알아보십시오.

우리는 수백 가지 산업을 지원합니다.

  • 자동차
  • 항공 우주
  • 배터리
  • 전기 같은
  • 그리고 더 많은

광섬유 레이저 제조 전문 기업

주 용도 :

  • 마킹
  • 절단
  • 용접
  • 미세 기계 가공
  • 적층 가공

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최신 뉴스

Register for our Drilling Webinar – 6th March

Posted on 15/01/2019

Throughout 2019 we will be brining you a number of webinars, delivered by our in house experts on a variety of application topics made possible by the use of our innovative pulsed and CW fiber... read more >

Press Release: SPI Lasers opens new facility in Shenzhen.

Posted on 26/11/2018

SPI Lasers, the UK based designer and manufacturer of fiber lasers has increased its footprint in China with the opening of a new Sales/Service/Applications centre in Shenzhen in Southern... read more >

Jena Lasertagung, 22nd – 23rd November 2018, Jena, Germany

Posted on 08/11/2018

Date: 22nd to 23rd November 2018Address: Conference and Teaching Center, Ernst Abbe University of Applied Sciences, Jena, Germany.Official website:... read more >

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