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Read our latest fiber laser ablation article giving a
valuable insight into the capabilities of our products including:

What is Fiber Laser Ablation?
How does Laser Ablation work?
What are the advantages of Laser Ablation?

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Fiber Lasers

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Latest Fiber Laser News

Fiber Laser Applications: Layer Ablation

Posted on 01/08/2020

Our latest Application Overview focuses on Layer Ablation, a process which our Pulsed Fiber Lasers can be used for in order to remove surface layers from substrates without causing any... read more >

Laser Cutting – When to choose a single or multi-mode laser

Posted on 15/07/2020

This paper is a guide to help determine whether a single-mode or multi-mode laser is appropriate for a given cutting application. Very often single-mode (SM) lasers can cut faster than multi-mode... read more >

Fiber Laser Applications: Engraving

Posted on 01/07/2020

Here at SPI Lasers, we specialise in the manufacture of market-leading Fiber Lasers, striving to offer the same exceptional level of support and service for our customers. Our latest redENERGY G4... read more >

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