redPOWER® QUBE Air Cooled

100W – 500W

Power and precise control for cutting, welding and micro-machining.


300W – 2kW

Power and precise control for cutting, welding and micro-machining.

redPOWER® QUBE Multi kW Laser

3kW – 10kW

Providing exceptional levels of power and control for industrial applications.


300W – 6kW

Providing OEM integrators with high value-add routes to their laser based systems.

redPOWER® CW Fiber Lasers

Our range of redPOWER® CW Fiber Lasers are efficient and flexible and provide exceptional levels of power and control while cutting, welding, and drilling.


Laser power

Depending upon customer requirements, Lasers can be supplied with a variety of power outputs from 300W, all the way up to 10kW. There are four models in the redPOWER® CW Fiber Lasers range, designed to have the flexibility to meet all your laser power requirements. Click on the images above for more information on the product that best suits your needs.


Our redPOWER CW Fiber Lasers can be supplied in a variety of formats; whether you are looking for a standalone unit to incorporate into an existing machine / system or, want a fully functioning system delivered in a ‘plug and play’ format for instant performance. Whatever the requirement, you are sure to find a solution amongst our flexible array of redPOWER CW Lasers.

Fit & Forget Technology

All our redPOWER CW Fiber Lasers are designed to be maintenance free, utilising ‘Fit & Forget’ technology, allowing you to focus on output, rather than time consuming maintenance schedules. Designed for manufacturability and reliability redPOWER sets new standards of product quality, backed by comprehensive warranties as standard.

Laser Functionality

Provided below are a snapshot of the functionality of the redPOWER CW Lasers range. Highlight/click on one of the images below to view them in more detail:

  • variMODE – Adaptable laser beams to transform your productivity.
  • Materials – Work with metals such as Aluminium, Brass, Copper, Stainless and Mild Steel as well as reflective metals, Multi-layer metal composites,and ceramics
  • Exceptional control – Puts you in control with a range of easy to use, and manage, user-driven options
  • Connectivity – There are multiple connectivity options to suit every requirement
  • Environmentally friendly –  Reduce your carbon footprint through lower energy usage, and less use of chemicals
  • Rack mounted – There are options to have a rack mounted CW laser, providing easy integration, as well as a consistency of final look and appearance
  • Warranty – Each CW laser is supplied with a comprehensive two year warranty