Watch our Multi Metal Dragon Come Alive!

Using our redPOWER 1kW OEM CW Fiber Laser to do the cutting, see how versatile our Lasers are in Cutting Bright Metals.

Our dragon is made from Bright‘ metals including 1mm, 2mm & 3mm Copper, Brass and Aluminium sections along with 3mm – 6mm Stainless Steel and Mild Steel sections, to demonstrate the true versatility of our redPOWER 1kW Fiber Laser.

The Dragon is 640mm long and stands 400mm high, at its 6mm thick mild steel tail section.

Our Dragon has attracted many visitors and customers to the SPI Stand across multiple countries, many armed with cameras and requests for the drawings to produce their own dragon!

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Process: Bright Metal Cutting with improved back reflection technology

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