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Brushed Metal




Available on all 3kW – 10kW  redPOWER® QUBE Fiber Lasers

variMODE: Adaptable Laser Beams to Transform your Productivity


  • Select in real time the beam that’s best for your process
  • Simple user interface for optimal control and integration
  • Faster process speeds and better cut quality
  • Improved system flexibility, enabling processing of a wider range of materials and thicknesses
  • ‘All in fiber’ process, negating the need for extra optical components that increase complexity and risk
  • Utilise the full laser power in all modes
  • Can replace zoom focus head, reducing weight and cost

Switch Beam Profiles 'on the fly' in less than 40ms

BPP 3.2mm.mrad

Optimised for high speed, high quality piercing of thick sheets whilst giving exceptionally fast cutting speeds for thin metal sheets of stainless steel, aluminium and copper.

BPP 5.8mm.mrad

Optimised for cutting thick metal sheets at high speed, producing an excellent surface finish on mild steel.

Want to know more? Read Dr. Paul Harrison's whitepaper...

Dr. Paul Harrison our Chief Applications Engineer produced the following whitepaper, giving an insight into how variMODE can improve cutting capability.

Laser cutting of sheet metals is a well established production method, with many thousands of cutting systems operating worldwide. In the last 10 years solid-state fiber-coupled lasers such as fiber and disk systems have become the laser of choice, replacing the CO2 laser used in many older systems. In both cases the machines operate in a similar manner, using a cutting head to focus the laser beam onto the sheet metal through a conical nozzle with co-axial high pressure assist gas…

To read the full article: CLICK HERE