The Diversity of redENERGY Fiber Lasers (Infographic)

About the redENERGY G4 Fiber Laser Range

This article focuses on the redENERGY G4 Fiber laser range; a pulsed Fiber Laser  that utilises both GTWave and PulseTune technologies, in particular the versatility of this Fiber Laser.

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Four Popular Applications

Here we analyse four of the most popular applications of the redENERGY Fiber laser as well as summarising a number of other applications too:

SPI Lasers - redENERGY Pulsed Fiber Lasers Infographic

Infographic from SPI Lasers

Colour Marking

Colour marking is a popular application of the redENERGY G4 fiber laser range. The redENERGY range can colour mark various metals including (but not limited to) chrome plate, niobium, stainless steel and titanium. Although used in many industries colour marking is especially popular in consumer goods, craft metal work and jewellery. Colour marking can add decorative borders to a range of metals, whatever their thickness and doesn’t require the use of additives. The effect can be used on a variety of surfaces, e.g. polished, untreated, anodised or brushed, etc.

Thin Film Removal

The next application we’re going to discuss is thin film removal. This laser application can be used to remove thin film from materials such as metals, glass, ceramics, silicon and plastics. Thin film removal is popular in sectors such as semi-conductors and electronics on uses like plasma displays, liquid crystal displays, touch sensitive panels and solar cells. The redEnergy fiber lasers deliver optimal performance compared to traditional methods such as mechanical scribing and lithography.

Engraving, Deep & Light

When engraving is required, the redEnergy fiber laser can be used for both deep and light engraving on metals and plastics. Light engraving is typically between 5µm and 25µm; this type of engraving is common on logos, gifts and is especially popular with engraving gold and silver in jewellery applications. Deep engraving covers depths which are greater than 25µm. These are frequently used in applications such as trophies, moulds, dies and stamps.

Image of deep engraving – Image courtesy of C4 Precision

Image of deep engraving – Image courtesy of C4 Precision


Marking of metals, plastics and anodised aluminium are amongst the most popular uses of redEnergy fiber lasers. Metal laser marking is a relatively new and exciting development compared to traditional methods like chemical etching, ink based printing and machine marking.

Metal marking with a redEnergy G4 fiber laser

Metal marking with a redENERGY G4 fiber laser

Plastic marking works on a variety of plastics (e.g. ABS, polyethylene, polypropylene and polycarbonate. There are four most popular types of mark with the redENERGY range – colour change only, engraving, engraving with a colour change and foaming. Night and day laser marking is another popular application. This is where the marking must be visible both in the night and day. This application is popular in automotive and consumer electronics sectors in particular.

Other Applications

Other uses of the redEnergy fiber lasers range include ablation, cleaning, drilling, micro-machining, precision cutting, scribing and Solar cell processing. Visit for further information.

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