SPI Lasers, the UK based designer and manufacturer of fiber lasers has announced it will once again be exhibiting at the forthcoming Laser World of Photonics exhibition in Shanghai.

英国的光纤激光器设计商和制造商SPI Lasers宣布,今年将再次参加即将在上海举行的慕尼黑光电子展览会。

This year the company will be launching 4 new products at the show:


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redPOWER QUBE 10kW 连续光纤激光器

The latest redPOWER QUBE CW fiber laser see’s power increase to 10kW and offers a definitive solution for a variety of industrial manufacturing and precision applications, combining excellent beam quality, high efficiency and a small footprint.

最新的redPOWER QUBE 连续光纤激光器功率增加到10kW,为各种工业制造和精密应用提供了明确的解决方案,结合了出色的光束质量、高效率和小尺寸。

redPOWER varimode

Designed to allow users to change the beam quality of their laser and select the best Beam Parameter Product (BPP) value for each individual process. Allowing users to work more cost efficiently than ever before!


redENERGY G4 200W EP-M

The latest evolution of SPI’s popular ‘EP’ series of lasers benefiting from the highest pulse energies and longer pulse durations making this laser ideal for welding and cleaning.



redENERGY G4 250W Watercooled

Another extension of the ‘EP’ series of pulsed fiber lasers from the redENERGY range, offering great beam quality and benefiting from higher average power and pulse repetition frequencies, making this laser ideal for cutting metal foils.


All products will be on display on the SPI Lasers stand in Hall W3, Stand 3322; there will be plenty of staff on hand to discuss their full range of premium quality pulsed and CW fiber lasers.  To discover how these British Built fiber lasers can enhance your businesses productivity and profitability, why not go along for a chat at Laser World of Photonics China March 20-22nd.


所有产品将在W2展馆-3322号展位的SPI Lasers展台上展出。现场将有许多工作人员介绍全系列优质脉冲和连续光纤激光器。要了解这些英国制造的光纤激光器如何提高你的生产力和盈利能力,欢迎在3月20日至22日上海光博会上与我们会谈。

About SPI Lasers

SPI Lasers, a wholly owned subsidiary of the TRUMPF Group, is a leading designer and manufacturer of Fiber Lasers for use in materials processing applications in a wide range of industries. Our technology solves manufacturing problems; it moves the boundaries of what is possible, making good products better and enabling new designs. Headquartered in Southampton, United Kingdom, SPI Lasers has been operating since 2000.  SPI Lasers sells its products globally, and has its major business operations, including research and development, and manufacturing, in the United Kingdom, with additional sales and customer support locations in Asia and North America. For more information please visit www.spilasers.com or for information on TRUMPF www.trumpf.com

SPI Lasers 是TRUMPF Group 的全资子公司。SPI Lasers 是光纤激光器的领先设计者和制造商,产品适用于众多工业领域中的材料处理应用。我们的技术可解决制造问题;它延伸了“可能性”的边界,使产品更完美,令新设计成为可能。SPI Lasers 总部位于英国南安普顿,自2000 年开始运营。SPI Lasers 面向全球销售其产品,其主要经营活动(包括研发、制造)在英国进行,并在亚洲和北美设有销售和客户支持机构。如需了解更多信息,请访问www.spilasers.com,或访问ww.trumpf.com 了解更多关于TRUMPF 的信息。


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