Press Release: SPI Lasers launches variMODE – Adaptable laser beams to transform your productivity.

SPI Lasers, the UK based designer and manufacturer of fiber lasers has announced the launch of variMODE a switchable beam delivery feature now available as an option on all their 3kW – 10kW high power CW fiber lasers.

variMODE allows users to tailor their Fiber Laser system to optimise the beam characteristics (including spot size and beam profile), specific to their application, whether that be cutting, welding or piercing.

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Press Release

Based on an internal, all-in-fiber device that modifies the spatial modes in the delivery fiber, this innovative approach uniquely maintains the laser output totally through the central core of the delivery fiber, removing the need for complex and expensive additional optical components and ensuring maximum power is maintained across the beam profile, regardless of the chosen mode.

The two modes currently available have been carefully selected to address a wide range of materials processing applications:

1) A Low Beam Parameter Product (BPP) mode profile, excellent for fast cutting of thin metals, especially bright highly reflective ones, but also for producing high speed high quality pierces in thick sheets.

2) A High BPP mode giving excellent, smooth cut edges at good speeds when cutting thick metal sheets, especially mild steel.

Having both modes available means there is no need to compromise on the laser beam quality when configuring your laser.

The switching time from low to high BPP is typically around 30ms, which is fast enough to easily change between piercing and cutting applications ‘on the fly’.

Mark Richmond, Product Manager for high power CW lasers stated:

“variMODE will allow our customers to quickly change the beam quality of their laser, selecting the best Beam Parameter Product value for each manufacturing process, allowing users to work more cost efficiently than ever before! At SPI Lasers we are committed to providing the best value, highest quality products for our customers, variMODE is another perfect example of how we bring this to life.

We’ve created a great video to bring the feature to life and make it easy to understand, head over to our website to watch it for yourself!”

For more information on variMODE and to watch the product video click HERE.


Click HERE to download a PDF of this Press Release.



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