Lamp Pumped Nd:YAG Lasers Roadmap Statement

Starting in December 2013, the SPI Lasers facility in Rugby (formerly JK Lasers) commenced the wind down of its CW Lamp Pumped Solid State Lasers (CW LPSSL). The total market size for LPSSL’s continues to decline, with alternative, more efficient and lower operating cost technologies and products available.

Today we announce the transition of our remaining pulsed LPSSL products to TRUMPF.

In 2004, SPI Lasers launched its first CW fiber laser, which was followed in 2006 by its first pulsed fiber laser. Since these first product introductions, and the acquisition of JK Lasers in 2015, we have continued to increased both the power and peak performance of our fiber lasers to the point where many LPSSL applications can be addressed.

For the LPSSL applications that cannot be addressed by our fiber lasers, customers will be transitioned to the TRUMPF product line of LPSSL called TruPulse.

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LPSSL Timetable

  • The SPI LPSSL Line has closed to new orders with immediate effect
  • Existing purchase orders from customers will be fulfilled and supported
  • New enquiries to SPI Lasers for LPSSL will be assessed for suitability to our fiber laser (pulsed and CW) portfolio
  • If we are unable to offer a fiber laser, we can link – with your consent – to TRUMPF for further detailed discussion
  • All existing LPSSL Customers are also welcome to contact the local TRUMPF sales facility to learn more about the technical capabilities of TruPulse lasers.

LPSSL After Sales Support Policy

SPI Lasers will continue to offer a minimum of a 7 year, non-warranty, Spare Parts, Service, and Repair Policy for all (CW & Pulsed) LPSS laser systems from date of purchase.

Please contact SPI Lasers ( for further information.

About SPI Lasers

SPI Lasers, a wholly owned subsidiary of the TRUMPF Group, is a leading designer and manufacturer of Fiber Lasers for use in materials processing applications in a wide range of industries. Our technology solves manufacturing problems; it moves the boundaries of what is possible, making good products better and enabling new designs. Headquartered in Southampton, United Kingdom, SPI Lasers has been operating since 2000. SPI Lasers sells its products globally, and has its major business operations, including research and development, and manufacturing, in the United Kingdom, with additional sales and customer support locations in Asia and North America.

For more information please visit or for information on TRUMPF

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