ECOC 2016 Guest Speakers

On the 19th September 2016 the Congress Center Dusseldorf will be hosting the 42nd edition of the ECOC Conference and Exhibition on ‘Optical Communication’. The European Conference on Optical Communication is one of the largest and most significant events to do with this particular technology in Europe and this field worldwide, and this year the exhibition is set to be bigger and better than ever.

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This Exhibition and Conference is sure to be a success with many attending, which is why we would like you to join us at this prestigious event as our very own Professor Michalis  Zervas and Dr Christophe Codemard will be delivering a talk on ‘High Power Fiber Lasers: Fundamentals, Recent Progress and Challenges’.

Both Christophe and Michalis work within the Advanced Laser lab at the ORC at Southampton University where they continue to lead the development of laser technology. As you would expect, they both have outstanding knowledge in this industry so their talk is sure to be informative, exciting and definitely worth attending – we would recomend that you do not miss the excellent opportunity!

To find out more information about this event visit the ECOC website at:

Registration for this event is now open. Register for your pass for the exhibition HERE.



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