Can Fiber Lasers be Successfully Used in the Welding of Broken Prosthetic and Orthodontic Dental Equipment?

Dentists have a busier schedule than most, the last thing they need is for their dental equipment to break. Fiber lasers can help, our range can be successfully used to weld broken prosthetic and orthodontic equipment. We go on to discuss this below.

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We discuss how fiber lasers can help in the welding of dental equipment

Laser welding in dentistry – an alternative to soldering

Soldering has historically been heavily adopted within the dental industry. It involves the joining of two or more parts together through melting solder (metal alloy) around the connection area. This creates a strong electrical bond.

In more recent years, laser technology (including fiber lasers) has been increasingly adopted as an alternative to traditional soldering.

Laser Welding repairs of broken prosthetics

A dental prosthesis is an implant, which is designed to act as a bridge, crown, denture or veneer and is designed to replace missing teeth and improve the aesthetic look for the patient. Prostheses can be made from a variety of materials, including acrylic, composite resin, porcelain, zirconia and others too.

Frequently, due to heavy-duty use, dental patients will require prosthetic repairs. These repairs often require welding, a fiber laser is a perfect tool to create the welding joins required. Fiber lasers enable Dentists to repair broken prostheses in their own surgery, removing the costs and extra time associated with sending the prosthesis away for repair.

Laser Welding repairs of broken orthodontic dental equipment

There are many types of orthodontic dental equipment such as archwire, dental braces, Frankel’s appliance, lingual arch and lingual braces, etc. These are usually made from metal or alloys such as chromium, cobalt, nickel, stainless steel and titanium. The material used will depend on the particular patient circumstances and type of equipment.

Given this equipment is intraoral, there will be heavy usage demands placed on it. This often causes tears, distortions and corruptions, which require welding to fix.



Image Credit: Free Dental Picture by Authority Dental

Contacting SPI Lasers to discuss welding solutions

Fiber lasers are extensively used for a range of welding solutions, but are multi-functional and also have value in related applications such as cleaning, drilling, engraving and marking as well. All of these and other applications too can be used in conjunction with fiber laser welding.

Call SPI Lasers now to learn how we can help your organisation.  We can even arrange the

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