Fiber lasers are having a revolutionary effect on the dental industry by helping to laser mark and manufacture multiple precision tools. Able to cut and micro-weld with complete consistency, fiber lasers are the perfect choice, offering a compact and reliable alternative to more conventional methods. For instance, the laser can be easily integrated into surgical devices such as endoscopes and microscopes.

The dental industry and SPI Lasers

Alongside this, the development of additive manufacturing has also had a huge impact in the dental industry, allowing for a much more efficient production of crowns and bridges. Fiber lasers continue to offer innovative new means for the dental industry, and SPI Lasers is on hand with the finest products in the market.

How Can 3D Printing be Used Within the Dental Industry?

Application Insight
Posted on 15/06/2019

Dentists have a busier schedule than most, the last thing they need is for their dental equipment to break. Fiber lasers can help, our range can be successfully used to weld broken prosthetic and orthodontic equipment. We go on to discuss this... read more >

Case Study

Medical Tool and Device Welding

Posted on 27/11/2015

A range of alloys are used in the manufacture of medical tools and devices. All must be joined with smooth welds that can be sterilised. Lasers are a non-contact process and offer many advantages:Low heat input: The weld energy is... read more >

Medical Device and Tool Marking

Posted on 26/11/2015

Traceability is a key requirement in the medical sector. Every product should be individually identifiable if recalled. Medical devices, implants and tools cannot use ink or dye marks as there is potential for contamination and allergic reactions.... read more >

The medical industry is an arena where mistakes simply aren’t tolerable; the equipment that makes it to market must perform consistently and predictably, and be able to deliver the expected results.But because every person is a unique... read more >

Case Study

3D Printing of teeth

Posted on 06/11/2015

When combined with the appropriate 3D printer our Lasers are the perfect choice for creating delicate, yet extremely strong designs that can be produced much faster and with cheaper human resources than is currently required.By using a 3D... read more >