The usage of batteries has rapidly increased in recent years with new portable electrical and energy storage devices, as well as electric cars. This increased use of batteries in everyday life needs an increased level of efficiency, which is what fiber lasers provide, particularly as they can weld dissimilar metals. With battery usage only likely to increase, reliable and robust lasers are needed to support this.

About SPI Lasers

SPI Laser’s single mode redPOWER Fiber Lasers are able to produce the results that battery manufactures look for the most in their products, particularly high beam quality and brightness, as well as their ability to achieve defect free joins at high speeds.

We all know how important it is to be eco-friendly, which is why more of us are taking action and opting for electric vehicles. These cars are powered by lithium ion batteries which are smaller and lighter than traditional vehicle batteries.... read more >

Battery Welding

Posted on 06/11/2015

Batteries require careful assembly to create a safe, convenient and powerful device. Most consumer batteries use crimped metal seals with a polymer sealant for their packaging. However, when the cell's chemistry changes or more components must be... read more >