ns Pulsed Welding – Webinar

Pulsed ns lasers are best known for marking, engraving and other ablative processes. Their use for metal joining is relatively new and opens up new possibilities through the unique control of heat input offered by these laser sources. Their low average powers (≤250W), low pulse energy (≤1.5mJ), pulse durations typically in the 10-2000ns range, peak powers up to 10kW, and pulse repetition frequencies >50kHz differentiate them significantly from conventional CW, QCW and DPSS sources. The ability to optimise the output energy and power characteristics to specific applications is key in their use for joining.

This webinar covers:
• The ns laser sources
• The ns joining process
• Process benefits vs conventional welding processes
• Application to similar metal combinations
• Application to dissimilar metallic combinations
• Flexibility in joint configuration
• Physical properties of ns welded joints
• Metallurgy of ns welded joins
• Key applications for ns welding

The webinar gives a indepth grounding in the principles of ns welding with a fiber laser – a process unique to SPI Lasers products.

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