Trial Laser

For customers wanting to evaluate and verify process capability on their own equipment, we will be happy to provide a Laser in situ, via a 30 day trial at your premises, allowing you the time to make a thorough review of its performance.

We encourage companies with a valid application and the potential to ultimately buy one of our Lasers, to request a trial via one of our sales representatives at their own facility and within their own system.

At any moment in time, we have tens of evaluation Lasers in use around the world under this policy. In addition, our distribution partners run similar schemes across the globe. This means that professionals from any country in the world can enjoy the benefits of this program.

How does it work?

Subject to advice from our expert application engineers regarding the suitability of the application and agreement from the local sales manager, we will offer a trial Laser of the type requested and verified as suitable for the task. A date will be given to the customer indicating Laser availability and an evaluation contract issued to ensure the Laser is handled and protected whilst under the customer’s direct control.

The Laser will then be shipped direct to you along with any previously requested user manuals and accessories. The requirements of these items can be discussed with your sales representative.


After 30 days have elapsed, we will request the Laser is re-packed in its original supplied packaging, and using the packing plan shown in the manual, return the Laser and all associated manuals and accessories, direct to us or the local distributor that supplied it.

We remain committed to the development of a comprehensive application database: this benefits both existing and future users of the technology. In order to achieve this, we would appreciate samples and/or photographs (jpgs) of the work conducted. If the application is confidential, as some of the work undertaken with our Fiber Lasers is, we will operate under a NDA. Work shared under NDA will not be submitted.



To arrange a trial Laser for your business contact us directly and we will walk you through the process and help answer any questions you may have.