Application Labs

We know that purchasing new capital equipment or investing in a new supplier of Lasers can be a costly and demanding process, but we are constantly working to make that task as easy as possible for you.

Our Applications Laboratories are equipped with our latest Pulsed and CW Fiber Lasers and can be made available to carry out early-stage development through application feasibility proving and optimisation, to ensure a perfect fit with customer requirements.  The services of our laser lab can be made available for free-of-charge proof of concept sample processing. Simply contact your local sales representative or contact us direct to discuss your application requirements and arrange for a ‘proof of concept’ trial or visit.

Our Lab Lasers can be fitted to a number of workstations with linear and rotary motion stages and/or galvanometer scanners, thus allowing a wide range of processes to be developed including cutting, marking, engraving, welding, micromachining, thin-film ablation and many others. The Labs also feature first-class metrology facilities; in addition, we work with external houses to augment our capabilities in materials diagnostics, advanced metrology, and materials research when appropriate.

Our customers are typically systems integrators, job shops, factory automation specialists, OEMs, academic and other institutions looking for high quality Fiber Lasers at competitive prices. We have the industry expertise and partnerships that make the difference.

SPI Lasers Locations

Located in Southampton (UK), Santa Clara (USA) and Shenzhen (China), the Labs can also help with more detailed process development; in addition, in some circumstances we can set up introductions with our Academic Partners to facilitate continued development work.

These partners are Universities and Laser Institutes who have purchased an SPI Fiber Laser and are willing to undertake paid process development activity on behalf of our customers.

Establishing applications ‘know how’

A key part of the applications remit is to establish the know-how to support customers with in-depth knowledge of Laser materials processing for the fast and successful implementation of manufacturing processes utilising our pulsed and CW Fiber Lasers in marking and engraving, galvo (scanner) based welding, flying-head 2-D welding, cutting and scribing, rotary Welding and thin-film processing.

Our extensive process database and application insights provide guidance for potential users. Where customer application-specific information is required, our applications team will work with you to meet your requirements, create a solution and provide case-specific feedback to inform your decision.

Providing Customer Training Classes

We have been developing a world class training program enabling us to pass on our knowledge and understanding of  laser technology on to you, our customers. The training courses are split between our key product ranges and currently cover user training and applications training for both Pulsed and CW Fiber Lasers.

For more information on these classes and how to book them click here.

Application Labs

Working with you at your facilities

In addition to our in-house capability, we have beam sources installed on customer sites in a wide range of applications, for cutting, welding, ablation, annealing, engraving, sintering, printing, scribing, marking, drilling and patterning.

Under customer-specific arrangements, our Apps Team can be outsourced to work with customers on their site to help improve applications and to develop/implement novel applications to benefit our customers manufacturing processes.

Our diverse customer base includes manufacturers and processors in the semiconductor, electronics, consumer electronics, automotive (including e-mobility), medical, food and packaging and general industrial sectors. As a consequence, our skills and experience are part of what makes us a leading force in the manufacture of Fiber Lasers.