Why Investing in an SPI Fiber Laser is an Investment in Versatility

SPI Lasers have the slogan “Versatility Comes as Standard”. Here we investigate the true versatility of fiber lasers, the qualities to expect and provide some examples of the applications that fiber lasers can be used for.

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Use an SPI fiber laser for the marking of anodised aluminium

Imagination (is almost) the limit!

Fiber lasers are so versatile an investment should not be seen as delivering capability in one area but instead should be seen as a broad investment improving capability in a number of areas. One could say that a fiber lasers use is limited by a user’s imagination as they are that versatile!

With an SPI Laser, imagination (is almost) the limit!

With an SPI Laser, imagination (is almost) the limit!

SPI Lasers have an award winning range of fiber lasers which are suitable for a wide variety of applications and are used in a wide variety of industries. Read our fiber lasers section now for more information.

Infographic to show the versatility of our fiber lasers by application

Versatility Comes as Standard By Application Infographic

Click here to view the Versatility Comes as Standard By Application Infographic from SPI Lasers

Qualities to expect from SPI fiber lasers

Many qualities can be expected from SPI fiber lasers including all of the following:

  • Green-friendly – Fiber lasers can help move a business to carbon neutrality, typically fewer chemicals and less power are used in production processes
  • Low heat transfer – The relatively low heat transfer means laser processes can be applied with minimal disturbance to surrounding surfaces and materials
  • Non-contact – With fiber lasers production processes are contactless, which has benefits over and above traditional techniques where contact can’t be avoided

  • One-off/prototype production – Fiber lasers deliver the ability to produce one-off designs and rapid prototypes
  • Precision and accuracy – Fiber lasers deliver unparalleled levels of precision and accuracy, which can’t be replicated through manual processes
  • Work with complex and unusual shapes/designs – Complex and unusual shapes can more easily be worked with
  • Work with many materials – Various materials can be worked with, including metals, plastics and even food!
  • Work with small and large objects – Fiber lasers can work with microscopic components all the way up to major sized components in industries such as Aerospace

Examples of fiber laser applications

Here are just eight examples of fiber laser applications (supplied in alphabetical order):

  • Ablation – Laser ablation is the use of fiber lasers to remove solid material layers from an object without causing disturbance to the object itself.
  • Additive manufacturing – AM starts life as a CAD drawing which is subsequently 3D printed by a process of “addition” where layers are added “one by one” until the final object is printed
  • Cleaning – Laser cleaning is similar to ablation and removes dirt/grease, etc. through a laser which cleans in a contactless way, a very ingenious and effective technique
  • Cutting – Fiber laser precision is foremost for laser cutting. Various thicknesses of metals, plastics, etc. can be cut to even the most challenging and complex of designs
  • Drilling – The precision of fiber lasers again comes in to play with laser drilling. This can be applied to a variety of materials and thicknesses and with complex projects such as turbines
  • Engraving – The fiber laser acts as a chisel to perfectly engrave various materials with highly accurate deep and light style engravings
  • Marking – Fiber lasers can be used to mark various materials and offer a high degree of precision and control for marking with barcodes, QR codes and adding night/day marks, etc.
  • Welding – Fiber lasers have seen aggressive adoption for welding type techniques. A fiber laser guarantees 100% accuracy every time even for the more complex of welding joins
Use an SPI fiber laser for the marking of anodised aluminium

Use an SPI fiber laser for the marking of anodised aluminium

Contacting SPI Lasers

Whatever your requirement for a fiber laser, contact SPI Lasers today. You can contact us on +44(0)1489 779 696 or by email at sales@spilasers.com to start the discussions on how fiber laser technology can transform your business.


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