InterOpto, 14th – 16th September, 2016, Yokohama, Japan

InterOpto 2016 Event Details

Date: 14th – 16th September, 2016

Address: Pacifico Yokohama, 1-1-1, Minato Mirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama, Japan

Official website: (no English version available yet, must translate page)

Event focus: “An international exhibition of advanced optical technology”

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InterOpto 2016

About InterOpto, 2016

The International Optoelectronics Exhibition, or InterOpto for short, is a ground-breaking international event where companies involved in the production or research of light technology, laser technology and related services are invited to see the latest advances in the photonics technologies and products. The organisers of InterOpto 2016 believe that optical technology will be even more important in the future than it is now, and therefore, want to be developing and producing technology for later years, as well as now.

InterOpto is a collaboration of 4 sectors in the light technology industry: photonics, bio-photonics, industrial Laser and LED. Hence why within InterOpto there will be an opportunity for attendees to visit the following events: BioOpto Japan 2016, Laser Tech 2016, and LED Japan 2016, to see further the state-of-the-art technologies currently being developed to advance the optical industry.

Event Outline of InterOpto, 2016

InterOpto believe the ideal individuals to be attending the event are manufacturers in the electronic and communication fields who produce complex electronical and system integrated products for a wide range of industry sectors to use.

The exhibition will therefore be catered to this but will feature something for everyone. A few of the exhibitions will be focused on optical fiber, stereoscopic instruments and microfabrication. Click here to see more information about the exhibition.

Event Outline of BioOpto Japan, 2016

BioOpto Japan is a platform which features an exhibition and conference to observe the rapidly growing use of optical technology in biotechnology and the field of medicine.

It is at this event that a number of medical industry manufacturers come to see the latest research and production in the biotechnology field.

There will be plenty of exhibitors hungry to show their latest productions in biotechnology. Click here to see examples of what will be on display.

Event Outline of Laser Tech, 2016

Laser Tech 2016 takes place because Laser processing has taken on an essential role in many industries, particularly manufacturing. Everything from solar cells to electronic devices to green technologies like LED, all use Laser processing to develop their desire products.

The aim of Laser Tech 2016 is to offer Laser technology solutions to a variety of industry sectors. This will be achieved through a specialised exhibition which will display Laser technology, products and services that will allow for future innovations to take place or current ones to be made better.

Click here to see examples of what will be exhibited.

Event Outline of LED Japan, 2016

In recent years, LED has seen its popularity soar, not just in the light industry, but others like sterilization and resin curing, among others.


With regards to this, LED Japan will hold an exhibition alongside the above exhibitions for companies to display their latest advancements and products in LED lighting and how other industry sectors could perhaps benefit from it.

 For more information and examples of what will be exhibited, click here.

SPI Lasers at InterOpto, 2016

Amidst the bustling exhibition you can find SPI Lasers on the Japan Laser stand. Come visit us to hear more about what we have been working on and how it will bring some excitement in the field of photonic technology.


Image Credit: InterOpto


As ever we would be delighted to meet new and old customers alike as well as network/exchange ideas with all interested parties in the Laser industry. We look forward to meeting you there.

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