G3 Lasers – End of support period

Back in November 2012 all G3 pulsed lasers were withdrawn from sale following the launch of our market leading G4 product range. At the time we confirmed that a full repair service would be maintained for five years, or until November 2017.

In line with our strategy to provide 1st class levels of customer service we extended our repair service beyond the origional deadline and have carefully managed stocks of spare parts and maintained the specialist equipment and skills to enable us to continue repairs until present. However due to a combination of shortages of parts and equipment availability we are aware that soon we will no longer able to provide a reliable repair service for the most common faults.

Therefore, we will end the support period for G3 lasers on the 30th June 2019. No RMA’s will be issued after that date, and no spare parts will be available for sale. We recommend that customers still using G3 in production begin to make plans to replace them with the equivalent G4 product, please contact your local SPI sales team for details.

If you have any questions or comments, please get in touch with your local service team or directly with Matt Shakespeare (Head of Service).

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