Fiber Lasers: The enabling technology for e-mobility applications – Webinar

E-mobility is arguably the key current global technology focus! The drive to move away from fossil fuel engines to electric motors to reduce carbon emissions is on everyone’s agenda. The challenges are great both from a technology and a manufacturing perspective. Significant capacity in both battery and electric motor manufacture needs to be put in place to meet projected growth targets. Fiber lasers are playing an important part in enabling new technical innovation and in providing a tool for cost effective manufacturing.

Fiber lasers are pivotal to many of the processes in the manufacturing chain. In the manufacture of batteries that are needed to drive the new generation of electric vehicles fiber lasers are used in the cutting and selective cleaning of battery foils to the welding of the bus bars in the battery packs. In the manufacture of electric motors the cleaning and welding of the electrical hairpins are applications ideally suited to lasers.

This webinar explores the relationship between fiber lasers (CW & pulsed), manufacturing applications and the benefits the e-mobility industry can gain from embracing this innovative technology.

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