Fiber Laser Webinars

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Pulsed MOPA lasers really show their versatility in the area of surface processing of materials. This can tahe the form of basic cleaning to more sophisticated surface functionalisation. In these types of applications the beam quality and the... read more >

E-mobility is arguably the key current global technology focus! The drive to move away from fossil fuel engines to electric motors to reduce carbon emissions is on everyone’s agenda. The challenges are great both from a technology and a... read more >

Recorded in October 2019 this webinar was delivered by CW Product Manager, Dr Mark Richmond and introduces variMODE, a new feature designed to overcome the limitations of previous lasers, giving a more flexible approach to laser processing. Using a... read more >

variMODE: Brass cutting comparison

variMODE: Brass cutting comparison

Application Insight
Posted on 09/10/2019

variMODE is a new feature designed to overcome the limitations of previous lasers, giving a more flexible approach to laser processing. Using a novel, all-in-fiber technique the output beam quality and mode profile can be selected in real time to... read more >

The recent introduction on high power single mode fiber lasers has opened up the capabilities of oscillation welding to a point where it can be competitive with high power multimode welding. The greater control of weld profile and heat input can... read more >

ns Pulsed Welding Webinar

ns Pulsed Welding – Webinar

Application Insight
Posted on 15/05/2019

Pulsed ns lasers are best known for marking, engraving and other ablative processes. Their use for metal joining is relatively new and opens up new possibilities through the unique control of heat input offered by these laser sources. Their low... read more >

Pulsed Drilling

Drilling with ns Pulsed Fiber Lasers – Webinar

Application Insight
Posted on 08/03/2019

Laser drilling is a growing application area and fiber lasers are often found to be the laser of choice due to their versatility. This webinar delivered by Dr Jack Gabzdyl covers the following areas: • Why use fiber lasers for drilling •... read more >

Throughout 2019 we will be brining you a number of webinars, delivered by our in house experts on a variety of application topics made possible by the use of our innovative pulsed and CW fiber lasers. Our first webinar will be held on Wednesday... read more >

In March, at the Laser World of Photonics Shanghai exhibition, we hosted a number of presentations, giving insight into our products capabilities, technologies and our latest new innovations to hit the market. These proved to be very popular with... read more >

Another chance to listen to last years hugely popular webinar on 'Welding with ns Pulsed Fiber Lasers', delivered by our very own Dr Jack Gabzdyl, VP Pulsed Business Line. The use of conventional CW and Long Pulsed Laser for welding is well... read more >

Overview: The use of conventional cw and long pulsed Lasers for welding is well known, but the use of ns Pulsed Lasers represents a new direction offering both commercial and technical benefits. More commonly used for marking and engraving the use... read more >