Fiber Laser Industries: #04 Additive Manufacturing

Fiber lasers are incredibly versatile and capable of many different fiber laser applications, ranging from precision micro-machining operations, to heavy duty industrial processes i.e welding.

Throughout May, our focus will turn to the Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing sector, looking at how Pulsed and CW fiber lasers can be used within this industry to help speed up manufacturing processes, reduce waste and costs.

In this article, we investigate a number of key manufacturing applications critical to the Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing sector, alternativly you can read all our Additive Manufacturing content HERE and our 3D Printing content HERE.

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3D Metal Printing - An Overview

3D printing is a technology which has captured the headlines, with stories about the increasingly sophisticated projects that can be built. Although it may seem relatively new, the technology has been around for some time having first emerged during the 1980s. However, further developments have seen 3D metal printing go from strength to strength and it now has the ability to be used practically for a great range of projects and functions….

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3D Printing Stainless Steel Powder

Our CW fiber lasers can be used for Additive Manufacturing processes

How does Additive Manufacturing work?

3D printing, Rapid Prototyping and Additive Manufacturing are all terms used to broadly describe the same processes, which involve the creation of complex structures and components by the layering of materials which are gradually built up.

A technology that’s been around for more than three decades, it’s only recently exploded in popularity, moving on from merely being a means of producing prototypes to offering fully functional components.

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Components can be made through additive manufacturing processes.

Multiple components can be made through the additive manufacturing processes.

Additive Manufacturing in the Electronics Industry

Like other areas of additive manufacturing, the technology to create electronic circuits via additive manufacturing has been around for some time but it’s only really been taken advantage of more recently to a greater degree….

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Printing and Electronic Circuit

3D printing of an electronic circuit

Additive Manufacturing in the Aerospace Industry

With the potential that additive manufacturing offers, aerospace is a key industry which has already taken advantage of the technology and is expected to do so to an even greater degree moving forward.

The process offers huge advantages in the creation of Aerospace components, with the ability to not just shorten the design process, but also to form shapes which were previously not possible with conventional methods…….

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Additive manufacturing is a process that is even used by NASA!

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