Fiber Laser Industries: #03 Aerospace

Fiber lasers are incredibly versatile and capable of many different fiber laser applications, ranging from precision micro-machining operations, to heavy duty industrial processes i.e welding.

Throughout April, our focus will turn to the Aerospace sector, looking at how Pulsed and CW fiber lasers can be used within this industry to help speed up manufacturing processes, reduce waste and costs.

In this article, we investigate a number of key manufacturing applications critical to the Aerospace sector, alternativly you can read all our Aerospace content by visiting our core page HERE.

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Engraving helps to keep aircraft in the sky

Turbine Engines Cladding Repair

Laser cladding is an effective way to repair high value parts such as turbine engines. That can be damaged due to their high operational temperatures and exposure to abrasive particulates….

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Laser drilling on turbine engines

Additive Manufacturing in the Aerospace Industry

With the potential that additive manufacturing offers, aerospace is a key industry which has already taken advantage of the technology and is expected to do so to an even greater degree moving forward.

The process offers huge advantages in the creation of Aerospace components, with the ability to not just shorten the design process, but also to form shapes which were previously not possible with conventional methods…….

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Additive manufacturing is a process that is even used by NASA!

Welding Turbine Components

Turbine engines require high quality joining methods to withstand their high operational temperatures.

Common methods involve vacuum brazing using expensive braze alloys, many hours of manual deposition of the braze paste and long cycles at high temperature in a braze furnace. Compared to these techniques, Laser welding offers many benefits….

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Fiber laser welding is used to create strong joints on parts such as these

Fiber laser welding is used to create strong joints on parts such as these

Laser Engraving in the Aerospace Industry

The aerospace industry is one of the largest and most crucial industries in the world. It encompasses many different areas, with consumer and business travel being the most important, but it also involves transport, military aircraft and even space exploration.

Regardless of what reason the aircraft is being used for, they have to withstand great pressure and stress at high altitudes, and there can be absolutely no room for error in the manufacturing process….

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The aerospace industry makes heavy use of the engraving process

The aerospace industry makes heavy use of the engraving process

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Aerospace industry

The aerospace industry includes everything from commercial planes to spacecraft

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