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Fiber lasers are incredibly versatile and capable of many different fiber laser applications, ranging from precision micro-machining operations, to heavy duty industrial processes i.e welding.

Throughout February, our focus will turn to the Automotive sector, looking at just how Pulsed and CW fiber lasers can be used within this industry to help speed up manufacturing processes and reduce costs.

In this article, we investigate a number of key manufacturing applications critical to the Automotive sector, as well as discussing the future possibilities of fiber lasers aiding the growing e-mobility trend.

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The process is widely used in the automotive industry

Laser Engraving in the Automotive Industry

Laser engraving is an efficient, safe and reliable process that is used in many industries around the world. It is especially prevalent in industries that are fast-paced, with many different parts needing to be processed quickly and efficiently.

The automotive sector is just one example of this.

As the demand on this sector has increased, so too has the need for processes that can match these demands. It is therefore unsurprising to find that laser engraving has become such a core component of this sector.  Read our full article on automotive engraving HERE.

The process is used in more ways than one in this sector

The process is used in more ways than one in this sector.

Laser Marking in the Automotive Industry

In many ways, the automotive industry bears many similarities to the aerospace industry. It uses similar materials to create similar, albeit (usually) smaller and slightly different, products and machines.
For this reason, it uses many of the same processes as the aerospace industry, and in many of the same ways too.

Want to find out more about laser marking and how it is used for automobiles? You’ll find all of the information that you need in our full article HERE.

redENERGY G4 Laser Marking

redENERGY G4 Laser Marking

Fiber Laser Welding in the Automotive Industry

Fiber laser welding has become an important and widely used process in many industries around the world. From electronics to the aerospace industry, it is a method that has transformed the way in which sectors have been able to develop and adapt.


A key requirement in the automotive industry is for dissimilar metal welding; a process our redENERGY lasers are particularly suited to with their patented ns welding technology giving all users the ability to join almost any combination of metals. The demand for innovative process such as this will only grow with the rise of e-mobility (electric vehicles).

You will most often find it featuring in industries that place an emphasis on rapid production, but that are also focused on quality, safety and cost-effectiveness. The automotive industry is a perfect example of this.

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Battery tab welding using nanosecond laser welding achieves high strength and electrical conductivity without overpenetration. Thin metals and contained electrolytes under pressure make this a demanding application.

E-mobility offers multiple opportunities for fiber lasers

E-mobility is continually in the headlines and represents one of the great predicted mega trends for the next decade. The rationale is clear – the world needs to break its dependency on fossil fuels and electric vehicles offer the obvious solution. Predictions suggest that by the mid-2030s electric vehicles will be outselling petrol/diesel models. From a manufacturing perspective this is a paradigm shift from combustion engines to electric motors.

Passenger vehicles can be either plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEV) or battery electric vehicles (BEV) both of which need batteries and electric motors.

The manufacturing of batteries and electric motors must undergo a transformation to match the forecasted growth in volume, accompanied by dramatic improvements in cost, yield and throughput.

Fortunately, today’s industrial lasers are the ideal tools for the manufacture of key components within both batteries and motors; this has stimulated a significant rise in demand particularly for fiber lasers.

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E-mobility is a fast growing sector that requires new manufacturing technologies to keep pace with demand.

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The automotive industry is a heavy user of engraving

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