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If you missed us last week at IWS, we are pleased to confirm that we will be attending the LEF Exhibition in Germany from the 6th to 7th March, where our experts will be available to discuss all our latest Industrial Fiber laser innovations.

In addition to CW and Pulsed Lasers, our stand will display a selection of interesting samples showcasing the versatility of our Fiber lasers.

LEF has been running for 21 years, during which, Fiber laser manufacturing has become an important service for the Industrial manufacturing sector, the ongoing development and innovation of Fiber lasers being the driving factor in this success.

Our user-friendly, highly-efficient, and robust Fiber lasers offer the user a diverse array of settings, delivering easy to manage power and performance to solve your manufacturing challenges.

Discover more about our Fiber lasers by visiting our Industrial Fiber Lasers Page.

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Versatile Fiber Lasers

Additive manufacturing is a particular theme for LEF, and as such, we will be showcasing our latest QUBE CW Fiber Laser which is capable of producing excellent results when working with metal powders.

However, as leaders in the manufacture of Pulsed and CW Fiber Lasers our products can also be used for an exceptionally wide variety of cutting, welding, marking and micro machining applications; ensuring that whatever your industrial manufacturing challenge you have an easy and cost effective solution available.

Our show samples demonstrate this amazing versatility, and include examples of Dissimilar Welding, Copper Wire Stripping, Mild Steel VIN marking, plus much more.

We look forward to meeting many of you in a week’s time. If you have not yet registered, grab your tickets here.

Our Products

We are a leading manufacturer of Fiber lasers developing products which are easily integrated into existing machinery, yet benefit the user with added depth of control. For example,  our redPOWER QUBE Fiber Laser can quickly cut through titanium or stainless steel, leaving a smooth and accurate shape.

Meanwhile our redENERGY G4 Fiber Lasers can deliver a variety of applications such as dissimilar welding. This is a non contact process which offers modulated pulses, and controlled temperature to effectively combine materials.

To see for yourself how our innovative, premium quality Fiber lasers can benefit the productivity and profitability of your business, visit our stand!

Disimilar Welding

Featuring at LEF

We will present our latest CW and Pulsed Fiber Lasers at LEF, together with a collection of samples to demonstrate their amazing versatility.

These lasers include our redPOWER 2kW CW, and redENERGY 20W G4, offering the latest advances in modern laser technology.

Also on display will be examples of marking, engraving, cutting, and welding.

Come and visit our stand  and ask us how an SPI Fiber Laser can make a difference to your manufacturing challenges!

Talk to the experts

Our European Sales Manager, Michael Duka, will be on hand for the duration of the show to answer any Fiber lasers related questions you may have, simply pop by our stand at any time for a chat.

The show runs from 9am-4pm on Tuesday 6th March, and 9am-4.45 pm on Wednesday 7th March.  So come and put the team to the test and discover if a Fiber Laser can help improve your business’ productivity!

If you would like to set up a meeting to discuss our products in more detail, then please contact our Sales representative at LEF:

Michael Duka: +49 (0)178 5339561


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