Advantages and Benefits of Fiber Lasers

Here at SPI Lasers, we only manufacture and sell fiber lasers, and we’ve chosen to do that for a very specific reason. If you want to find out more about the advantages and benefits of fiber lasers, and why it was such an easy decision for us to choose to stock them, then please read on.

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Laser processes

Why fiber lasers?

Fiber lasers aren’t the only type of laser on the market, and in fact they aren’t the most common either. You’ll find that gas lasers, which most often use carbon dioxide or helium-neon as their medium, are actually the most common; mainly as they have been around much longer than Fiber Lasers.

All laser processes come with their upsides and downsides, but it seems that the benefits of fiber lasers far outweighs that of any of the other processes. It’s the newest of the laser processes, only really picking up a lot of traction in the last couple of decades or so.

But the benefits that it provides, which we’ll come on to below, have been quickly realised by those all over the globe. Fiber lasers are now used as standard in dozens of industries around the world, and they now help to create the phones that we use every day, the transport that gets us around, and the medical care that we rely on so often.

That’s probably one of the biggest advantages to fiber lasers that makes them so attractive; the fact that they can so easily and seamlessly adapt between industries for a huge range of applications.

Fiber lasers can help with medical surgeries

Fiber lasers can help with medical surgeries

From marking plastics and welding metals to perfecting diamonds and helping with medical surgeries, fiber lasers truly are one of the most adaptable and versatile pieces of equipment on the market.

Fiber lasers help make for happy teeth in the dental industry!

Fiber lasers help make for happy teeth in the dental industry!

Read on below to find out more on just why we love fiber lasers so much.

The advantages and benefits of fiber lasers

In no particular order:


As we mentioned above, fiber lasers are extremely versatile because they offer so much control to their users, which we’ll touch on more below. Because of this, they are seen in dozens of industries around the world. The main industries that we service are:

Total control

The level of control that users are offered is what makes fiber lasers so useful. You’re given the reigns when it comes to beam length, duration, intensity and heat output, allowing you to perfectly adapt the beam to the situation that you are working within.

This allows for highly precise cuts, intricate shapes to be made, or for risky surgeries to be completed with ease. Although much of the control sits in the hands of the user, you’ll find that fiber lasers are still incredibly easy to use.

You only need one setup for multiple functions

This control over the various outputs and functions of fiber lasers means that one single fiber laser setup is good for multiple processes. Many of the laser processes, such as laser cutting and laser drilling, or laser marking and laser engraving, bear many similarities, which is why it’s so easy for one machine to seamlessly switch between different functions.

New innovations

As we also mentioned previously, fiber lasers are the newest type of laser process to grace the market. This means that they feature the latest developments, innovations and technology based on years of laser history.

Ability to work with so many different materials

Another huge benefit of fiber lasers is their ability to work with so many different materials. We’ve seen them being worked with metals, ceramics, silicon, plastics, polymers, gemstones, and even precious metals!

Fiber laser can work with a huge range of materials

Fiber laser can work with a huge range of materials

You’ll also find that they’re great at working with reflective metals, something that other types of laser processes can struggle with. As these metals are reflective in nature, they often reflect whatever is being directed at them back to the point of origin, thereby damaging the laser machine. SPI Fiber lasers, on the other hand, don’t have this problem.

Compact size

You’ll typically find that fiber lasers are smaller and more compact than many of their counterparts (making them easier to install into machines), which also makes them lighter too. This means that they are easier to transport, as well as being more economical when it comes to space in the workplace!

Low sensitivity

The way in which a fiber laser has been built and constructed means that it has been designed for low sensitivity. Other types of laser can be extremely sensitive, and if knocked can fall completely out of alignment, rendering them useless until fixed by an expert.

The way in which a fiber laser has been designed is the opposite to this, meaning you’ll never have to worry about precise alignment or sensitivity! However, we’re not saying you shouldn’t treat your fiber laser delicately!

Ability to work in harsh environments

Fiber lasers are great at working in harsh and inhospitable environments, something that makes them incredibly useful for many industries around the world.

Ease of integration

Here at SPI Lasers, we don’t actually sell the complete fiber laser machine in itself, but instead work as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM). This means that we supply the fiber laser, which other companies then integrate into their own machines and setups.

Fiber lasers have been designed to easily fit and mould into any laser-based system or machine, again highlighting their high level of versatility.

Low maintenance costs

Something that businesses always have to consider is their overheads and costs, and fiber lasers are brilliant at keeping these costs down. Not only are they a cost-effective solution in themselves which more than return their value in terms of their output, but they have extremely low maintenance costs too.

You will typically find that an SPI fiber laser will require no servicing as they are built with our ‘fit and forget’ technology.  However, for the rare occurrence maintenance should ever be required costs are typically around 50% less than other lasers.

Superior performance

You’ll also find that fiber lasers offer a superior performance over many of their counterparts. Fiber lasers provide a much higher level of beam quality which can be highly focused to achieve extremely accurate levels of precision, as well as increased power densities.

This also means that tasks can be completed at a quicker rate and at a much lower power consumption rate. Again, the less power used means the less it will cost the business!

Lower heat output

Fiber lasers are built with much more modern cooling systems than the laser machines that have come before it, meaning the heat is kept low and is evenly distributed throughout the setup.

Fiber lasers have brilliant cooling systems

Fiber lasers have brilliant cooling systems

This minimises the heat that comes off the fiber laser machine, which also minimises the chance of any damage to the machine itself.

No heat damage to the objects

The laser beam that is emitted from a fiber laser will be incredibly powerful in nature, which is why it can so easily drill through thick materials such as steel. However, one of the great advantages of fiber lasers is that they can be so precise that the beam won’t cause any damage to the surrounding material of the object that they are working in.

This is a crucial benefit for industries such as the electronics industry, where the beam needs to work at incredibly small sizes without damaging any of the core components essential in having these electronic devices working efficiently.

Ability to perform so many different processes

Finally, tying in many of the points that have been mentioned above, fiber lasers are able to perform a wide range of laser processes. The main eight processes that our machines can complete are:

Interested in purchasing one of our fiber lasers?

We hope that the above information has helped to show you just how advantageous and beneficial fiber lasers can be to your business; it seems like the list of benefits is almost never ending! As the industry continues to grow and develop, there will no doubt continue to be more developments to these handy pieces of equipment.

If you want to find out more about these great pieces of innovation, then we have a detailed FAQ section here. Or, if you want to talk about purchasing one of our SPI Lasers, then please give our sales team a call on +44 (0) 1489 779 696 or find our other contact details here.


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