5 Great YouTube Videos about Fiber Lasers

We’ve written much detailed and extensive content about fiber lasers, how they work, what their advantages and benefits are, how you can use fiber lasers, and we’ve even taken a look at the history of fiber lasers.

So, to take a little break from reading, we thought we’d share with you some great visual content from YouTube on fiber lasers.

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These videos will teach you more about how lasers work

How a Fiber Laser Works

The above video is a great introductory video to the world of lasers. Presented in a sort of science lesson format, it explains everything about photons, wavelengths, cladding, refractive indexes, and controlling light itself.

If you only have time to watch one video, then this will contain all the useful information that you’ll need to gain a quick and easy understanding of fiber lasers. It is also a useful visual demonstration of just how the fiber laser process actually works.


#2 CO2 and Fiber Laser Technology in One Machine

This video demonstrates a slightly unusual use of fiber lasers, where it has also been combined with a gas laser, using carbon dioxide, in one machine setup. The presenter explains that gas lasers are great at working with materials such as wood or plastics, but aren’t so great at marking onto metals.

They, therefore, decided that they wanted to combine both into one handy machine. The video is brought to us by Engineering.com.

#3 Co2 vs. Fiber Laser Comparison and Investment Analysis

Gas lasers, which normally use carbon dioxide, as mentioned above, are the most common type of laser on the market, but we’ve written before about why we believe fiber lasers are much better suited to the industrial world.

The video that we’ve linked above does a direct and visual comparison of fiber lasers and CO2 lasers, going into detailed analysis on all of the different metrics and measurements that are involved in the process. It’s a useful video that provides great analysis on the two types of laser process, as well as the time that it takes for each task to be completed.

#4 Portal Theme Played by Fiber Laser by chjade84

This video is completely different to the others that are presented above but is pretty amazing. Given to us by IGN, a video games review and walkthrough company, it shows how a fiber laser can be used to play the theme tune of a popular video game; Portal.

Whether you are a gamer or not, the video is still an extremely impressive demonstration of just how varied the uses for fiber lasers are, besides the ones that we have already extensively covered throughout our site.

#5 SPI Lasers Tower Bridge

We couldn’t write about great fiber laser YouTube videos without shamelessly plugging our very own SPI YouTube channel too! However, we promise the video still shows off just how great fiber lasers can be.

In this video, you will see one of our own fiber laser machines laser cutting bright and reflective metals in order to create a small replica of London’s Tower Bridge. If you’ve been to any trade fairs where we are present then you might recognise this replica, and we put it together purely to demonstrate to our customers and clients, just how amazing fiber lasers really are.


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