Laser Processing Applications

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing valuable and informative insight into the capabilities of Fiber Lasers, we are constantly supplying new information into the innovative applications potential of these industrial processing tools.

In this section you will find two types of documents to help increase your knowledge on the capabilities and applications of Fiber Lasers:

  • Application Insights – are detailed articles and white papers on specific applications
  • Application Postcards – are bite sized insights on specific applications, designed to be easily digested in a matter of minutes

To begin your search, simply select your required application area from the list below to browse the insights shown within each section. If you don’t see an article that covers the specific area you are looking for, then submit a request to and we will investigate creating a new insight or postcard.

Buy an SPI Fiber Laser an investment in versatility


Whichever laser application you require, it can be delivered by an SPI Fiber Laser. Why buy two or more different products when you can buy one product which can meet all of your needs – a product which is purpose built to drill, engrave, mark, clean, cut, weld and ablate, plus even more. With an SPI laser investment, you buy with the confidence of knowing the product is high quality, versatile, and flexible; a product which can be used for a wide variety of purposes, even ones we haven’t mentioned here. Buy an SPI laser with confidence and future proof your business today.

Call SPI to discuss your required laser applications


Below provides an introduction to the applications which are possible with SPI Lasers. We also have application labs, which can be used to create proof of concepts for new applications and processes. For more information please call us and speak to one of our experts today on +44(0)1489 779 696, or alternatively you can send an email to and we will reply ASAP.



Perhaps one of the most versatile properties of a Pulsed Fiber Laser is its ability to mark multiple types of material from ceramics. through to plastics and metals. Whether you are looking for a simple black mark or a variety of coloured marks, an SPI Laser is the tool of choice for thousands of industrial manufacturers across the globe.


Whether you are looking for precision cutting of fine materials or high output industrial process applications, our range of Pulsed and high power CW Fiber Lasers are extremely adept at cutting a variety of materials and thicknesses.



Regardless of the material, thickness, or dissimilar metals, our Lasers have the inbuilt versatility to weld everything from fuel cells and batteries, through to fine wires for medical device manufacture.


This process changes dramatically depending on the thickness of material, size of hole and the number of holes to be drilled.



Capable of light to deep engraving our Lasers can be used to engrave all metals and industrial ceramics.


Precision layer removal from metals and industrial compounds such as elements used within electronic products.

Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing

Many rapid manufacturing processes use industrial Lasers as an energy source. Our Fiber Lasers are an integral element of many metal powder processes.


These applications typically use high repetition rates and short pulses with high peak powers. The intention is to remove surface debris and contaminated layers without damaging the substrate materials.