The Battery Show, 11th – 13th September 2018, Novi, Michigan, US

Date: 11th – 13th September 2018

Address: Halls A-B-C, Suburban Collection Showplace, 46100 Grand River Avenue, Novi, MI 48374

Official website:


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About The Battery Show 2018

The Battery Show 2018 is the most significant battery technology event held in North America. Addressing all critical aspects of battery manufacturing, there will be more than 8,000 visitors and 600 suppliers to connect with. For anyone involved in the vital field of existing and emergent battery technologies, this is the perfect networking opportunity.

There are three conference themes:

  • Advanced battery technologies:
    1.  Markets and commercialisation
    2.  Technology trends
    3.  New and advanced battery materials and chemistries
    4.  Performance, availability and cost
  • Electric and hybrid vehicles:
    1.  Intelligent and autonomous technology
    2.  Powertrain advances and emerging technologies
    3.  48 volt systems
    4.  Global market growth
  • Critical power technologies:
    1.  Components
    2.  Design
    3.  UPSs
    4.  Cost reduction
    5.  Power quality control

The Battery Show 2018 Exhibition

The exhibition is second to none in the field of battery technologies. With over 600 exhibitors, most of the leading advanced battery technology suppliers will be there giving you an ideal opportunity to discover the very best solution for your projects. Explore the latest battery materials, manufacturing approaches, testing methods, components, cells, services and just about everything else relating to batteries.

We will be exhibiting there to show you our latest fiber laser technologies for advanced battery manufacturing. You will find us at booth #1427.

Battery technology is an essential application of our lasers and one that is growing significantly. The Battery Show 2018 will be a significant event in our calendar, and we hope you will take time to come to visit us there.

The exhibition includes an open technology forum that will address cutting-edge approaches to solving today’s challenges; keynote presentations from technology and business leaders; and an educational track presented by leading global enterprises on the latest strategies for mission-critical applications.

There will also be extended workshops giving you the chance to explore chosen topics in much greater depth; technical discussions, and plenary panel events.


Image credits: The Battery Show

SPI Lasers at The Battery Show 2018

We design and manufacture market-leading fiber lasers suitable for completing key applications within the electronics and automotive industries, namely battery manufacturing processes.

Find us at The Battery Show on stand #1427, to discover our versatile selection of products and samples!

Our Pulsed and CW fiber lasers product ranges are inherently designed for simple integration into multiple different systems. Offering machine builders ultimate flexibility.

An example of this is our redENERGY G4 200W pulsed fiber laser, which is very capable of a number of critical applications within the battery manufacturing industry.

Our redENERGY G4 200W pulsed laser provides an excellent cutting tool for various materials.

Our redENERGY G4 200W pulsed laser is the ideal tool for Laser Welding, Cleaning and Cutting applications.

SPI Lasers at The Battery Show 2018

These fiber lasers can weld conductors to Li-ion batteries, allowing electrons to pass effectively through other cells. In the larger picture, these cells combine to form car batteries.

Another benefit of our fiber lasers is their patented nanosecond welding process, offering an exceptionally precise and controlled application, which prevents damage being caused to the battery and the creation of an ultra strong weld.

Our fiber lasers may also be used to weld thin foils inside  batteries, which our fiber lasers will also cut.

Come and talk to our experts at booth #1427 on which of our products can provide the best manufacturing solution for you!

Can’t make the show? Don’t worry! Please feel free to send us your fiber laser queries to us directly via our ‘Contact Me’ form.

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