Schweissen & Schneiden, 25th to 29th September, 2017, Dusseldorf, Germany

Schweissen & Schneiden event details

Date: 25th to 29th September 2017

Address: Schweissen & Schneiden, D-40474 Düsseldorf, Am Staad

Official website:

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About Schweissen & Schneiden 2017

Schweissen & Schneiden has been an international trade fair for over 65 years, focusing on the joining, cutting and surfacing technology industries.


Schweissen & Schneiden is a global gathering, bringing together businesses, buyers and market leaders from all over the world, including growth markets such as China, India & Russia. Unlike some of the other events that we attend, Schweissen & Schneiden is only once every four years, with the last event having been held in 2013.

The gap between each event allows true innovation to be shown once every four years, and Schweissen & Schneiden focus on the whole value chain, looking at a huge variety of products, processes and services.

They will have 819 exhibitors at the 2017 event, displaying a huge range of products. Since the last event, the exhibition grounds have been developed and modernised, leading to a much nicer and bigger venue space. The hall layout can be seen here.

Exhibition at Schweissen & Schneiden

The 819 exhibitors at Schweissen & Schneiden fall into five broad categories when it comes to the products and services that they plan to display. These are:

  1. Equipment for the methods of joining, coating and separating
  2. Equipment for heat treatment and other manufacturing processes
  3. Equipment for automation, mechanisation and thermal cutting
  4. Supporting systems for automation
  5. Equipment for thermal spraying and other coating processes

SPI Lasers at Schweissen & Schneiden

SPI Lasers are excited to be exhibiting at this event, in Hall 14 and at Booth 14G20. The five product groups that we will be displaying under are:


We’re one of the few fiber laser manufacturers that truly operate globally, so we’re excited to exhibit at this huge event and showcase our products to buyers from all over the world. Keep up to date with us on Facebook and Twitter, or, as always, please feel free to get in contact with us should you have any questions.

Image credit: Schweissen & Schneiden

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