Demand for Metal Powders for Additive Manufacturing Industry to Soar in the Next 5 Years

With more and more companies investing in additive manufacturing technology, we are likely to see an increase in demand for powdered materials.

Recently, General Electric International made a significant investment valued at $50 million in its Auburn in Alabama facility, so that it could 3D print fuel nozzles for engines. This is likely to be a sign of larger investments to come by additive manufacturing leading manufacturers, all of whom will require additional metal powders for what is expected to be 24×7 production.

The introduction of powdered metals for new applications will result in the metal powder application database multiplying many times over the next 5 – 10 years. Going forward, manufacturers are likely to see growth as a result of increased demand. It is thought that they will seek to partner with original equipment manufacturers in order to improve the quality of powders, ensuring they offer great performance and consistency.

As it currently stands, the list of available metal powders for additive manufacturing is still fairly limited. This places some restrictions on the high value opportunities for additive manufacturing, particularly in the aerospace industry, where metal powders must meet exceedingly different specifications to the metal powders used for other applications.

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