Implantable Medical Devices – Pacemaker, Defibrillator, Drug-Pump Welding

Implanted medical devices that incorporate electronics and sensors require process control and end-product quality that is second to none. In particular pacemakers require high integrity hermetic seals at the same time ensuring well controlled depth of penetration & low heat input to prevent damage to internal electronics.

These devices must not only function flawlessly, they must have an aesthetic quality that helps with sterilisation and does not irritate the tissue. The welds on these implantable devices must be a hermetic seal very close to heat sensitive components and since the value of the component before welding is very high, the yield from the welding process must also be high.

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Laser welding with redENERGY: produces a smooth hermetic seal. Laser welding has very low heat input and can be placed very close to polymer seals, glass-to-metal seals, soldered components, and electronic circuits. Sensitive electronics inside are never heated to more than 50 degrees. In addition the weld penetration can be precisely adjusted. This prevents any interior weld spatter that could damage the interior. redENERGY can also be used to spot weld leads and feed-throughs on these packages.

Product Solution – redENERGY


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