Disk Drive Flexure Welding

Disk drive flexures hold the ferrite reader that floats over the spinning magnetic media in a hard drive.

The high speeds of positioning and the ultra-close proximity of the ferrite reader mean the flexures must be accurately assembled from 3 or 4 pieces of stainless steel with thicknesses ranging from 20μm to 150μm.

Their design must accommodate resonances, stiffness, and overall component accuracy in three planes. The assembly process must be highly automated for low-cost, repeatable manufacture.

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An effective way to weld very small parts is by using our redENERGY or redPOWER Fiber Lasers. Low power (100W – 250W) Fiber Lasers with modulation consistently achieve high quality spot welds.

SPI can offer a choice of single mode Gaussian beam or a specially developed flat top profile. Both have been shown to produce spatter free welds repeatibly at high speed.

The high levels of accuracy achievable using our Fiber Lasers enable high quality, shallow conduction mode spot welds with excellent top bead profile that are tailored to the target.

Product Solution – redENERGY or redPOWER R4


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