Eco Solution for Electric Car Manufacturing

We all know how important it is to be eco-friendly, which is why more of us are taking action and opting for electric vehicles. This is a paradigm shift away from fossil-fuelled cars, an initiative, which is often called e-mobility. These vehicles (cars, vans, lorries, etc.) are most frequently powered by lithium ion batteries which are smaller and lighter than traditional vehicle batteries. However, EVB’s (electric vehicle batteries) are constructed from a combination of materials (frequently copper and aluminium). Copper is a preferred metal for its high levels of electrical conductivity, whereas aluminium is used due primarily to its lightness. This combination though does pose a particular challenge when welding.

Dissimilar metal welding solution for electric vehicle batteries

Fortunately, tests conducted by us have proven that our portfolio of Fiber Lasers are capable of welding together the aluminium and copper found within these components.

This often represents a challenge as copper and aluminium naturally resist welding with each other as they are “dissimilar”. Our unique, patented ns welding process allows users of redENERGY products to join almost any metal, or combination of metals. Listen to our webinar on joining dissimilar metals with ns welding or Read more about dissimilar metal welding in our article – Dissimilar metal welding lithium-ion battery cells.

Crucial qualities of the SPI fiber lasers range

The trials, conducted using a single mode redPOWER Fiber Laser, demonstrated that the Laser’s high beam quality and brightness, can achieve consistent, smooth, defect-free joints at higher speeds – features which are crucial for most battery manufacturers. The Laser’s small spot size also produced narrow welds, which minimised the formation of brittle intermetallics.

In addition to the physical properties that the results show a Fiber Laser can attain, the compact environmental footprint and low power consumption of these Lasers ensure that the manufacturing process is just as economical as the resulting vehicle.

SPI Lasers – eco-friendly and cost-effective laser solutions

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