Medical Device and Tool Marking with Fiber Lasers

Traceability is a key requirement in the medical sector. Every product should be individually identifiable if recalled.

Medical devices, implants and tools cannot use ink or dye marks as there is potential for contamination and allergic reactions. Surface marks must also be smooth to prevent tissue damage.

Industrial Fiber Lasers are an ideal solution. They create clean, permanent marks that do not distort the surface and are free from contaminants. The high quality marks are durable enough to withstand harsh environments, including cleaning with disinfectants and steam sterilisation.

Able to accurately engrave features as small as 381 microns and as shallow as 2.54 microns, lasers can access hard-to-reach places such as blind pockets, grooves and the bottom of bottles.

Indelible Laser marking is a preferred security method for tracking items that are subject to copyright. Marking can also be used to help identify packages with bar codes, text and graphics. Marks are applied during the manufacturing process, help eliminate the need for labels.

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