Silicon Cutting

Silicon is used across a number of industries including; solar cells, microelectronics, micromachining and semiconductor manufacturing. There is also growing potential in other sectors including entertainment goods. In the vast majority of applications, silicon is used in the form of wafers which can be coated with compounds such as Silicon Nitride or Silicon Oxide to enhance the materials useful properties.

Silicon is conventionally cut by mechanical methods such as saw cutting and diamond wire cutting. These methods are often slow, expensive and due to silicon having hard and brittle properties, the process suffers from edge chipping meaning post processing is essential. These techniques also limit the ability to cut various shapes as only straight lines can be cut.

Our G4 30W RM-Z eliminates many of these problems and is able to produce high quality cutting within a short process time. Using fiber lasers with a multi pass scanner based cutting technique enables the cutting of shapes and the processing of many types of silicon due to the flexibility of the G4 platform.

Long pulse durations are a significant factor for our G4 lasers to cut, drill and engrave silicon very effectively to a high quality finish in a short process time.

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Application Parameters

Type G4 30W RM- Z
Power Demand 30W
M2 <1.6
Beam Ø >10mm
Scanner/Lens >8mm/163mm F- theta
Energy WF0 30kHz @ 400mm/s

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