Paint Cleaning

For applications that require delicate removal of surface coatings without affecting the base material, pulsed fibre lasers are the perfect tool. Laser cleaning can be applied to various materials including metals, plastics, composites and glass. Coatings such as paint, varnish and rust can be cleaned with ease. This is useful for the electronics, aerospace and solar energy industries amongst others.

The conventional methods for paint removal involves the use of chemical solvents or abrasive media blasting. These methods can be time consuming, very harsh on the substrate and involve additional costs such as purchasing the blast media and safe disposal of the solvents after use.

SPI’s G4 70W HS-H laser requires no additional consumables and is virtually maintenance free meaning that operational costs are lower than the alternative. It produces little waste, has low disposal costs and no toxic bi-products making the process more environmentally friendly than other methods.

Paint removal requires 2-3 steps to achieve good quality, repeatable results. Firstly, a main pass using long pulse durations and high pulse energy removes the majority of the paint layer. For the second pass, short pulses and high scanning speeds are needed to remove the remaining paint without damaging the substrate. The second pass can be repeated if necessary. Finally an optional third pass to improve surface quality. This entire process can take <2.3s/cm2.

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Application Parameters

Type G4 70W HS-H
Power Demand 70W
M2 2.5-3.5
Beam Ø <8mm
Scanner/Lens 163mm F- theta
Energy WF0-3 55-300kHz @ 2.5-8m/s

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