redPOWER® QUBE Air Cooled

Power and precise control for cutting, welding and micro-machining.

100W – 200W
CW Fiber Laser

redPOWER® QUBE Air Cooled

Power and precise control for cutting, welding and micro-machining.

300W – 500W
CW Fiber Laser

The redPOWER QUBE Air cooled fiber laser range, covering 100W – 500W offers a number of industry leading features in a standard 19“ rack format, with an integrated power supply making it simple to install into new or existing systems.

Easy Integration

Specialising in cutting, welding and 3D printing applications redPOWER® QUBE Air Cooled Lasers can be integrated directly into production lines or your machines where the complexity of providing water cooling is undesirable. A range of output Fibers are available up to 20m in length with single and multi mode options to ensure even the largest machines can benefit from redPOWER® QUBE.

The single mode laser models are available with QCS collimated output delivery fibers for ease of integration. The multi-mode laser models are available with air cooled PIPA-Q fiber delivery. These versatile lasers offer a number of benefits including output power flexibility and a range of beam delivery, control and interface options.

No Maintenance

Every care has been taken at the design stage to ensure our products offer a long and maintenance-free life. The redPOWER® QUBE Air Cooled range has been optimised to maintain optical performance over a wide ambient temperature range, producing highly repeatable results for years of continuous operation without maintenance in high accuracy applications, such as medical device production and metal 3D printing.


The redPOWER® QUBE Air Cooled range offers the same functionality as the other lasers within the range, including exceptional control options, multiple connectivity solutions, and the ability to use SPI’s comprehensive and flexible FiberView GUI control software.

Key Benefits

  • Single mode and multi-mode fiber delivery options
  • QCS compatible fiber termination for single mode
  • PIPA-Q air cooled fiber termination for multi-mode
  • Patented back reflection protection


  • Aluminium
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Mild steel
  • Multi layer metal composites
  • Reflective metals
  • Stainless steel


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