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Providing OEM integrators with high value-add routes to their laser based systems.

300W – 6kW
CW Fiber Laser

Giving OEM integrators flexibility on their system design, redPOWER PRISM Fiber Laser modules deliver substantial commercial and performance gains over alternative technologies, offering them a substantial advantage.

Laser Systems designed and built from redPOWER® PRISM OEM high power products offer integrators the capability to manufacture equipment for cutting, welding and other material processing applications in the industrial/manufacturing sector.

Taking advantage of 40 years’ experience, these Laser modules combine single mode beam quality, high efficiency, fast modulation capability with features that allow ease of integration. A matched range of modules enables Laser Processing System integrators to easily build up the high power Fiber Laser source meeting their requirements.

OEM integrators interested in this novel approach to being able to customise their systems with tightly integrated Fiber Laser should contact us. This high value-add approach requires a deeper understanding of the laser drive and interfacing, and so integrators will need to avail themselves of the training courses we offer at our sites covering integration and service. Our experience is that this OEM approach works best for integrators producing more than 10-15 systems annually.


redPOWER PRISM Modules are ready to integrate into a system, provide powers in the range 500W to 2kW with both single mode and multimode variants available. For higher power multi-kW lasers, one or more single mode modules are combined with a multi-port High Power Combiner (HPC) unit.

The system integrator adds value to these basic units by providing the DC Supply, a suitable enclosure, a controlled coolant supply and system level safety control.

Easy Integration

The complete range of units are designed to mount into an industry standard 19“ rack mount, giving a consistent look to the final Laser and facilitating ease of enclosure sourcing.

For applications in the industrial sector

The redPOWER® PRISM OEM Laser enables integrators to maximise their added value content by optimising their product differentiation in the areas of field serviceability, customisation of the control interface, functionality and performance.

Output Fibers include single mode and multi-mode options. The M2<1.1 output is used within Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) and for beam combination to produce multi-kW systems. The multi-mode options are popular within 2D cutting applications.

redPOWER OEM Diagram

Laser Modules

Each PRISM Module is in a 2U rack mount case with a single mode output bare ended Fiber allowing straight forward splicing onto the High Power Combiner input port. Combining multiple modules together, allows the system integrator a flexible approach in choosing the desired multi-kW Laser source in logical power steps.

An on-board protection unit provides low level safety and integrity monitoring, that can shut down the laser when required.

High Power Combiner (HPC) Unit

The High Power Combiner unit allows up to four (4) PRISM modules to be combined together into a single beam delivery fiber.

The HPC unit is designed to allow ease of access to the splice points for joining the individual single mode fibers from each Fiber Laser module onto the multi-way fused fiber combiner. These can be accessed with the HPC still mounted into its rack support cabinet.

The HPC Unit contains our standard Fiber Laser Control Card. This gives all the benefits of multiple control interfaces, integrated pulse generator, and the ability to use our comprehensive and flexible FiberView GUI control software.

PIPA-Q Beam delivery fibers

Both the Single Mode and Mulitmode Beam Delivery Fibers use our patented PIPA-Q termination with integrated back reflections protection. The delivery fibers use our patented Plug In Pre- Aligned (PIPA) ‘Luminator’TM termination with integrated Back Reflection protection for direct use in a range of process tools. The delivery fibers feature antireflection (AR) coated output faces for maximum transmission of Laser power to the workpiece, and are available with 50μm,  100μm or 300μm core diameters and a range of fiber lengths.

Fiber View Control Unit (FVCU)

To aid the integration of multiple Modules the Fiber View Control Unit allows all the Modules to be controlled from a single user input. The FVCU contains the same comprehensive control card as in the redPOWER QUBE range, and offers multiple control interfaces, integrated pulse generator and the ability to use SPI’s comprehensive and flexible FiberView GUI control software.

Key Benefits

  • Lowest cost Laser for high volume manufacturers
  • Opportunity for OEMs’ to add value. More than a Laser reseller
  • We offer OEMs’ training for field servicing of modules (including delivery fiber)
  • High stability, repeatability & reliability


  • Aluminium
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Mild steel
  • Multi layer metal composites
  • Reflective metals
  • Stainless


To place an order or to discuss your requirements in more detail with one of our Fiber Laser experts, either

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