Happy Chinese New Year!!

We are celebrating the Chinese New Year in Shanghai at the Laser World of Photonics, and to mark the occasion, and the fact its the Year of the Goat, we have made some intricate ‘lucky’ envelopes to give away to visitors to our stand.  Made using our redENERGY G4 EP-Z Pulsed Fiber Laser, the envelope is 0.5mm thickness anodised Aluminium that has had the following processes applied:

  • Powder paint coated in 2 colours, red and yellow each 100um thickness.
  • Where the image is yellow the Laser has removed only the red coating in 20um layers until the yellow paint has been revealed, another two passes by the Laser beam in CW mode re-bakes the yellow paint to seal the surface.
  • Where the image is white, the Laser has removed both layers of the powder coat paint and etched directly into the Aluminium.

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