Case study: SPI module integrated into laser safety head designed by LINTECH

LINTECH has worked closely with SPI Lasers for many years. As a laser module integrator, LINTECH uses the SPI laser system mainly for marking and engraving applications. In addition to the production of laser systems, LINTECH also offer their customers the services of a design centre. As one of the few companies on the Czech market, they can offer a comprehensive solution to the challenges of laser manufacturing production. From consultancy, through solution design, to the final delivery of a complete laser device. Unlike their competitors, LINTECH can design solutions individually, according to the specific demand and requirements of the customer.

LINTECH’s main area of expertise is in the automotive industry, which is widespread in the Czech and Slovak Republic. Over the last few years, they have been working together with their German partner to expand their field of activity, as a consequence they currently deliver laser systems throughout Europe. One of the main reasons for this success is their technical background and the expertise of their inhouse application laboratory, that enables them to keep up with SPI’s fiber laser innovations.

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