Webinar – Welding With ns Pulsed Fiber Lasers

Another chance to listen to last years hugely popular webinar on ‚Welding with ns Pulsed Fiber Lasers‘, delivered by our very own Dr Jack Gabzdyl, VP Pulsed Business Line.

The use of conventional CW and Long Pulsed Laser for welding is well known, but the use of ns Pulsed Lasers represents a new direction offering both commercial and technical benefits. More commonly used for marking and engraving the use of these Lasers for welding is relatively unknown, but the parametric flexibility of today’s MOPA based Pulsed Fiber Lasers can enable a broad capability for a range of welding and joining applications. These Lasers are particularly suited to applications involving dissimilar metals or where control of heat input is required.

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And click here to download the webinar slides.

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Webinar Slide


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