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About Nano Korea 2016

Nano Korea is South Korea’s foremost annual event on nanotechnology. Nanotechnology is a rapidly growing science which is finding itself being in demand in various industries. Nano Korea’s objective is to create a space where ideas pertaining to nanotechnology can be exchanged and research conducted into nanotechnology can be displayed.

The event consists of a symposium and an exhibition, with plenty of opportunities throughout the event to network and socialise.

Nano Korea Symposium 2016

The 14th International Nanotech Symposium will be a major part of this event. There is said to be around 2000 scholars descending into the bustling city of Seoul for this symposium to present findings on the latest research conducted into nanotechnology and its usage in a variety of fields.


Nano Korea Exhibition 2016

The Nano Korea 2016 exhibition is set to be enormous and consists of a wide variety of displays from different industries. Professionals from 420 companies, 15 different countries around the world, will be present to display new technologies and be encouraged to engage in conversations regarding the effective application of nanotechnology into a multitude of industries.

The following exhibitions will take place:

  • The 6th Advanced Ceramics Exhibition
  • The 7th Laser Korea
  • The 8th Microtech World
  • The 14th International Nano-Convergence Expo
  • Special Pavilion – Nano-Convergence T2B Products Pavilion

Business Programs at Nano Korea 2016

In addition to the symposium and exhibition, attendees have the unique opportunity to undertake four specially designed business programs for companies which need more information regarding the likes of investment attraction, technology trade and constructing business ideas.

The best part about this business program package is the 1:1 meetings that are established to connect exhibitors who specialise in nanotechnology with companies intending to apply nanotechnology.

Networking at Nano Korea 2016

Nano Korea understands the need for some free time amidst the busyness of a symposium and an exhibition.

Therefore, there will be an ‘Exhibitor’s Beer Party’ which can be ideally used for networking purposes.

SPI Lasers at Nano Korea

The presence of a display by SPI Lasers at such a grand event is undoubted. We will be there exhibiting our range of Pulsed and CW Fiber Lasers showcasing their power, effectiveness and importance in the nanotechnology industry.


We would be delighted to meet new and old customers alike as well as network/exchange ideas with all interested parties in the Laser industry. We look forward to meeting you there.

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