A case study in moving from YAG to Fiber Lasers – Pyramid Engineering & SPI Lasers.

In 2019 SPI Lasers were approached by Pyramid Engineering to supply an evaluation laser for a new welding system being developed for a telecommunications customer (Fig 1).

As a leading designer & integrator of high precision welding systems for the hermetic sealing of metal-can semiconductor and electronic packages, Pyramid were looking to replace their existing flashlamp pumped Nd:YAG laser sources in order to offer their customers enhanced levels of speed, productivity and cost effectiveness as well as greater versatility with fiber lasers.

The systems provided by Pyramid are bespoke, designed to suit a customer’s particular requirements incorporating turnkey environmental systems covering gloveboxes, airlocks, vacuum gas-bake ovens, 3-way motion and complete with process control equipment including various levels of automation.

In SPI Lasers they found the ideal range of products based on the redPOWER CW range of high power fiber lasers, offering the perfect blend of quality, repeatable laser sources combined with excellent customer service. Something that Pyramid were particularly keen on given how closely they would need to work with their chosen supplier on this initial system build.

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