Micro Cutting – Stents

Micro cutting stents is one of the most demanding applications in the medical device industry.

Stents are small, lattice-shaped metal tubes that are permanently inserted into arteries to restore adequate blood flow. It is imperative that the cut metal does not have rough edges or accumulated dross that could result in infection.

Micro Cutting StentWith tube diameters between 1mm and 10mm and a wall thickness of around 100µm, high precision processing is required to maintain their intricate structures. Key requirements are low dross levels, very minimal heat affected zone and a small kerf width (20µm -30µm).

Using our redENERGY Fiber Laser range of products, dross-free micro cutting (20µm width) can be achieved with very high contour accuracy (< 5µm). Typical micro cutting speeds for 0.5mm thick 316L stainless steel with single mode laser output is 500mm/min.

Modulating the pulse frequency and pulse duration of Fiber Lasers can significantly improve the controllability of fine cuts. Our GTWave and PulseTune technology allows the user maximum versatility whilst maintaining a high level of output.

Although stents are currently the dominant Laser micro cutting application in the medical industry, recent progress in needle cutting shows there is huge potential for further laser adapted designs.


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