How Can Rapid Prototyping Techniques Using Fiber Lasers be Used in the Jewellery Industry?

Jewellers around the world are increasingly aware of the benefits of fiber lasers in jewellery manufacturing. Of particular benefit are rapid prototyping and small-batch manufacturing, which we now go on to discuss.

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We wouldn’t have the wide variety of jewellery that we do without fiber lasers

Ways in which rapid prototyping can be used by jewellers

Listed below are some of the reason’s jewellers are adopting fiber lasers:

  • Bespoke designs – this technology has already pretty much taken over the bespoke jewellery design market as it’s too expensive to let highly skilled jewellers spend significant amounts of time on these pieces when they can be designed in CAD instead
  • Complex designs – is invaluable in the creation of complex, intricate and unusual jewellery designs, which represents a marketing opportunity to jewellers!
  • Customer personalisation – innovative jewellers can offer an interface (often web-based) for customers to design their own jewellery, which can then be manufactured using rapid (additive manufacturing) prototyping. This could be the entire jewellery piece, or more likely the decoration/tweaking of a piece
  • Reduced time to market – jewellers will be able to very rapidly bring new items to market in a reduced time. This is ideal for special occasions (e.g. a major public event) and also to quickly launch products ahead of the competition
  • Small batch production – even small batches can be produced, which has often proved quite expensive for jewellers. With this technology embracing batches of 10 or less, this is ideal for the creation of exclusive limited edition jewellery pieces
  • Unique jewellery pieces – the jewellery market is likely to move away from mass-produced pieces to much higher levels of unique jewellery. This is what the consumer will demand, and this is what this rapid production method can offer

SPI Fiber lasers – an investment in versatility

As well as rapid prototyping, which is an additive manufacturing process, our fiber lasers can be used for a diversity of solutions, such as ablation, cleaning, cutting, drilling, engraving, marking and welding. Buy an SPI Laser and invest in a multi-functionality invaluable tool.

Contact SPI Fiber Lasers to architect a rapid prototyping solution

We realise that rapid prototyping can appear complicated, so please don’t hesitate to contact us to work on a solution for your organisation. We can arrange a laser trial and would be delighted to discuss how rapid

prototyping could benefit your business.

Contact us to discuss how our pulsed and continuous wave fiber lasers can help. You may also find subscribing to receive future updates helpful.


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