Precision Welding Telecoms Devices

Having worked with all major telecoms suppliers to achieve the precision Laser welding required for these devices, including the development of special pulse shapes, we are perfectly positioned to use our skills and expertise to assist any electronics firm in this area.

One key application is ‘pig tailing’, where a length of output fiber is aligned over the transmitting Laser and then spot welded into position using a three-way energy share system.

The Laser diode, which converts the electrical signal into light, must be aligned within 2μm – 3μm of the end of the fiber optic. This is accomplished using a specialist machine that measures the signal picked up by the fiber and manipulates it until the best coupling is achieved.

The Laser then spot welds the fiber into place using three way energy share to ensure there’s no displacement.

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Case Study

Our redENERGY products are ideal for this application. They offer GTWave and PulseTune Technology and are easily integrated, ‘fit and forget’ technology.

Designed to benefit high volume manufacturing, where they yield unprecedented reliability and consistency, redENERGY Lasers are the ideal solution for this application.

Product Solution – redENERGY



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