Welding Air Bag Initiators

Laser welding live initiators calls for excellent Laser control and the most robust fiber optic delivery systems on the market. Hermetic welds in these thin wall devices are critical to their operation and lifetime.

Maintaining the proper weld penetration and weld width ensures that the weld strength always meets specifications and the total heat input is controlled.

Lasers using time-share multiplexing to send the output from one Laser to multiple workstations maximise capability and minimise downtime. Initiator weld cycle times around 0.5 to 1.5 seconds so multiplexing the Laser to weld at one station while a second is loading/unloading increases throughput at minimum cost.

If components are incorrectly assembled, they can explode during welding.  Our Fiber Lasers with Luminator fiber delivery can overcome this risk. The near indestructible Luminator fiber optic system has patented features for back-reflection protection and a novel fiber-termination system that allows the fibers to continue working flawlessly in the worst mechanical shock environments.

Fiber Lasers have excellent control and low heat input characteristics. The ability to shape the Laser pulses and to control Laser burst time and ramp down make them easy to integrate and use.

Air Bag

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