How are Automotive Manufacturers Using Fiber Lasers to Overcome Manufacturing Challenges?

The automotive industry is ever-changing and evolving. It’s an industry constantly seeking to innovate and improve competitiveness against stiff competitors. In this latest question and answer guide, we explore how automotive manufacturers use fiber lasers to overcome manufacturing challenges.

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Fiber lasers can be seamlessly integrated into manufacturing machines and systems

Fiber laser applications used in automotive manufacturing

A cross-spectrum of fiber laser applications are used in automotive manufacturing, these involve working with a range of materials, metals especially but also carbon compounds, plastics, etc.

Many of these applications can be integrated into manufacturing workflows (e.g. cutting followed by drilling from the same fiber laser). All of the following are delivered with high-quality and precision, provided by the fine control of the fiber laser:

  • Ablation and cleaning – hairpin stripping, surface preparation treatment and much more!
  • Additive Manufacturing – 3D printing of parts and components, tools and interiors, etc.
  • Cutting – cutting of parts and components (particularly hydroformed parts)
  • Drilling – the drilling of all types of holes no matter how large/small, often simultaneously with other processes – even the most awkward and unusual of drill holes can be achieved
  • Engraving – the addition of VIN numbers, adding of serial/part numbers, used in traceability and much more
  • Marking – (use where engraving depth is not required) the addition of surface level marks, e.g. on dashboards, parts and components – the addition of safety messages is a common marking application
  • Welding – there are a vast number of manufacturing process welds
  • required. Fiber lasers weld without the need for contact, creating strong seamless joins which can even weld dissimilar metals

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