Fiber lasers have allowed for the creation of a host of new and innovative sensors used in a variety of industries, which may be used for a number of reasons such as operation or safety and can be found in everything from medical equipment to spacecraft.

Application and uses of fiber lasers in sensors production

Sensors, due to their nature, need to be designed and manufactured to meticulous standards, especially as many sensors must remain active in extremely harsh, inhospitable environments, such as deep underwater or in oil refineries. Laser welding is one useful application for fiber lasers, creating strong hermetic welds for sensors.

Fiber lasers can use typical marking functionality to mark sensors as required. The marking process is non-contact so eliminates contamination. A range of marks can be added such as serial/part numbers, logos and other information. If marked at a deeper level, the mark becomes an engraving, which although less frequently used in conjunction with sensors is another potential application.

Fiber lasers are perfect for hermetic seal welds for sensors. Used in a wide variety of settings, fiber lasers can be relied on to produce high-quality welds which are free of contaminants and will ensure the sensors work at optimum performance continuously.

Additionally, fiber lasers can be used for microwave package sealing and can use dissimilar metal welding to work with the various metal alloys used in microwaves.

Fiber lasers can also be used for spot welding of relay components, which are used in a wide variety of electronics.

Watch our video – Welding with ns Pulsed Fiber Lasers – presented by Jack Gabzdyl

The sensors industry and SPI Lasers

There are many reasons, why optical sensors are popular. They are generally smaller than electronic devices, which makes them weigh less too – always an advantage. Couple this with their sensitivity and high-speed levels, largely due to their reliance on photons instead of electrons and it’s no wonder that sensors are in widespread use.

SPI Lasers deliver a range of cutting-edge applications for the sensors industry through our pulsed and continuous wave fiber lasers. The sensors industry will particularly benefit from welding, marking and engraving as well as our other applications – ablation, cleaning, cutting, drilling as well as 3D printing.

Contact SPI Lasers today to discuss how we can help your business with sensor manufacturing and other uses of fiber lasers. Look below to see a range of thoughtfully created application insights and postcards which are all closely related to the sensors industry.


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