Fiber lasers have allowed for the creation of a host of new and innovative sensors used in a variety of industries, which may be used for a number of reasons such as operation or safety, and can be found in everything from medical equipment to spacecraft.

Application of fiber lasers

Sensors, due to their nature, need to be designed and manufactured to meticulous standards, especially as many sensors must remain active in extremely harsh, inhospitable environments, such as deep underwater or in oil refineries. Laser welding is one useful application for fiber lasers, creating strong hermetic welds for sensors.

Lasers produce hermetic seals, preventing contaminants reaching sensitive circuits and trapping high quality inert atmosphere inside the package. Delivering very low heat, Laser welds can be located close to polymer seals, glass-to-metal seals,... read more >

Case Study

Sensor Welding

Posted on 06/11/2015

Sensor assembly requires some very high technology in both sensing technology and packaging to create a robust, small, and accurate system that can survive in a hostile environment. In the past these sensors could be larger and employ gaskets or... read more >